Health & Safety Statement of Commitment

Permanent Electric Inc. of the city of Sault Ste. Marie recognizes the importance of a Health & Safety Program in all of its operations to create a safe environment for all employees.

Health & Safety Policies and Procedures have been designed and implemented to support all existing Provincial Legislation now in effect. All employees of Permanent Electric regardless of the position equally share the responsibility for safety.

The Success of this program is dependent upon every employee recognizing existing or potential hazards and taking precautionary steps to remove them, guard against them or learn the proper procedures to work around them.

Supervisory personnel will ensure that Health & Safety rules are followed by staff at all times. All employees are expected to work in a safe manner according to established company policies and procedures and to be an integral part of eliminating accidents and injuries.

Safety is an important part of everyone’s job and work practices.

As owners we are personally committed to the protection of employees from injury and occupational illness.

Steve Roberts and Mike Vallee
Owners of Permanent Electric Sault Inc.